Hi, I am a data-driven, iterative, human-centered designer and researcher.

I am deeply motivated to understand the human social psychological experience from an empathetic perspective and to leverage those insights to build products that users love.

My background in media production and design thinking helps me provide user experience insights that strategically inform product design.

To learn more about my experience check out my resumé and LinkedIn page. You can also take a look at my recent Medium articles on design strategies for delightful, humorous, and playful engagements with technology, of which I am a subject matter expert.

say hi : josmcdos@gmail.com


My practice incorporates design research strategies, and social psychology theory and methods, to inform and evaluate my work. I’ve just earned my MS in n the Human Computer Interaction Institute Ph.D program at Carnegie Mellon University and a research fellow in CMU's e-heart lab, directed by Dr. Geoff Kaufman. During the summer of 2018, I'll be joining the Facebook Design Research community, where I'll be considering how to support playful and meaningful forms of sharing. 

My primary research goal is to develop evidence-based strategies for incorporating humor and playfulness in human-computer interactions. My research is guided by the desire to design technologies for the 'whole-human', by meeting human emotional needs for play, delight, and desire for humor. As part of this work, I've been exploring and participating in meme-making culture across many US-based platforms. Understanding more about this digital participatory culture provides valuable insights about how humor functions in digital spaces. 

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