Celebrate PS 64/charas Outdoor Interactive Video Installation

In 2013, I collaborated with community members to design an interactive documentary called 'Celebrate’. The goal of the work was to illuminate the incredible effect the organization, CHARAS, had on the Loisaida/Lower East Side neighborhood for close to 30 years. Unfortunately, the powers that be decided to sell the building to a developer. Members of both CHARAS, and the greater community are fighting diligently to get their building back. In the meantime, I decided to celebrate their legacy through an interactive push-button video projection installation that would project both animations and quotes from community members.

After meeting and interviewing many stakeholders in the community, I was able to gather enough stories and images to create two animations that I projected vertically on the front facade of the PS 64 building (see images below).

The push-button interactions would allow the public to essentially write messages derived from public conversations about CHARAS on the wall to amplify the community’s voice.

I used openFrameworks code, handmade push-buttons connected to Arduino, two projectors, a generator, 2 dongles, two laptops, and lots of support from friends to make ‘Celebrate PS 64/ CHARAS” come to life.