Hi, I am a designer + Creative Technologist + Inventor.


Short Bio

Joselyn McDonald is a creative technologist, designer, and researcher whose practice includes wearable technology, new media art, and theoretical research.

Her creative research area is femme-tech. The term ‘femme’ is often used in queer identity discussions to refer to chosen expressions of traditional female behaviors and aesthetic choices. Femme-tech indicates a more inclusive consideration of gender, including the performance of gender, as opposed to an assumption that assigned gender indicates ones chosen forms of expressing gender identity.

Joselyn McDonald is also the co-founder of Digits Tech, a new fashion technology company and consultancy that focuses on the needs of those that identify as women.

Longer bio available by request.

Link to my CV.

Social: For updates on my current work, follow me on Twitter. You can also take a look at my Medium articles on design strategies for delightful, humorous, and playful engagements with technology.


I have 2 pieces - MiniTaime and MOTHERBOARD [2019] in the No School Nevers X Ravisius Textor NO SHOW in at Ravisius Textor in Nevers, France until September 19, 2019.

I was honored to be selected for The Incline’s Who’s Next in Pittsburgh tech: 14 people shaping Pittsburgh’s technology scene for my wearable technology products and gender-parity in technology advocacy.

I’m officiating my best friend’s wedding in NYC in June.

I’ll be attending No School Nevers in July 2019.

I’ll be attending Sketching in Hardware in September 2019.

The Pittsburgh City Paper recently wrote a great cover story on my femme-forward technology design work, which give a great glimpse into my workflow.

I gave a talk at Processing Day 2019 on fashion technology and the future of 5G technologies.

say hi : josmcdos at gmail dot com

Press: General

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