Short Bio

Joselyn McDonald (she/her) is a multidisciplinary artist, critical maker, and creative researcher whose work centers on issues relating to power, gender, and the Anthropocene. Often, she incorporates emerging and vintage technologies, recycled electrical components, and found materials into her work, which has been exhibited widely including at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Leaders in Software and Art, Sketching in Hardware, Designing Interactive Systems in Hong Kong, and Revisius Textor in Nevers, France. Foundational to her practice is providing community members with inclusive access to technology, design, and critical making educational opportunities.

She received an MFA from Parsons the New School for Design in Design and Technology and an MS from Carnegie Mellon in Human-Computer Interaction. She is currently teaching, and designing wearable technologies and AV interfaces for exhibition.

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MS Human-Computer Interaction | Carnegie Mellon University, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, 2018

MFA Design and Technology | Parsons The New School for Design, 2015

BA Film Studies, University of North Carolina -Wilmington, 2010


Teaching Assistant | Human-Computer Interaction, Carnegie Mellon University 2018

Adjunct Faculty | MFA Design and Technology, Parsons the New School for Design 2014

Teaching Assistant | Art, Media, and Technology, Parsons the New School for Design 2014

Media Instructor | Native American Program, Dartmouth College 2011/2013

Creative Research Experience

eHeart Lab– Carnegie Mellon University, 2015/2019

gadgITERATION Lab – Parsons The New School for Design, 2013/2014

DEED Design Lab – Parsons The New School for Design, 2013/2014

Work Experience

Senior Design Strategist | Verrah Inc., 2018-2019

UI/ UX Design Researcher [internship] | Facebook Inc., Summer 2018

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer | Blink Blink Creative Circuit Kits, 2013 - 2015

Designer, Project Manager | Neukom Institute for Social Change and Dartmouth’s Digital Arts Program, 2013

Interim Director | Dartmouth College Native American Program,2012-2013

AmeriCorps VISTA | Dartmouth College, 2011 - 2012


Who's Next in Pittsburgh Technology: 14 People Shaping Pittsburgh’s Technology Scene, 2019

Randy Pausch Fellowship, CMU, 2018

Design Interactive Systems Provocation Award, 2018

Stuart Card Fellowship, CMU, 2017

GUSH Graduate Student Research Grant, CMU, 2016

Maker Faire Best in Class, 2015

Maker Faire Best Editor's Choice, 2015

4.0 Schools EdTech Incubator, 2015

Kickstarter – Successfully Funded $29,000, Blink Blink, 2015

New Challenge Grant for Social Change, Blink Blink, 2014

Neukom Institute Research Funding – DiscoverU, Dartmouth College, 2013

Wolfson Presidential Scholar - Full Merit Scholarship, 2013

Finalist Gates Foundation Grant – College Knowledge, Dartmouth College, 2012


McDonald, J., Zhao, S., Liu, J., & Rivera, M. L. (2018, May). MaxiFab: Applied Fabrication to Advance Period Technologies. In Proceedings of the 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility (pp. 13-19). ACM.

To, A., McDonald, J., Holmes, J., Kaufman, G., & Hammer, J. (2018). Character Diversity in Digital and Non-Digital Games. Transactions of the Digital Games Research Association4(1).

McDonald, J., & Yi Messier, N. (2015, January). Input/Output: Paper Prototyping for the Future. In Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction (pp. 493-495). ACM.



upcoming Sketching in Hardware, Detroit MI, 2019

upcoming University of Mary Washington, Artist Talk, 2019

No School Nevers, Artist Talk, 2019

Processing Day, 2019

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center: Youth Health Conference, 2018

Parsons Design and Technology MFA Symposium Keynote, 2018

Visions International Film Festival, 2019

Designing Interactive Systems Conference, 2018

Tangible, Embedded, Interaction Conference, 2015

Dartmouth Workshop in the Woods, 2015

Leaders in Software and Art, Artist Talk, 2015



upcoming-Sketching in Hardware Science Fair, Detroit MI

MiniTaime [2019] No School Nevers X Ravisius Textor NO SHOW, Nevers France

MOTHERBOARD [2019] No School Nevers X Ravisius Textor NO SHOW, Nevers France


The Time Machine: AI & Automation, Carnegie Mellon University, 2018


Sueños de Cuba [film], Pittsburgh Filmmakers, PittsburghFilmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Program

Sueños de Cuba [film], Hiding in Plain Sight


Met Media Lab Exhibition, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ghost in the Codec, Virginia Tech University

Dartmouth Workshop in the Woods


Crystalline Highlands, Come out and Play NYC

Joselyn McDonald CEO, Youtube Livestream


Celebrate CHARAS Interactive Documentary Installation, LES NYC


Latrinalia [film], Cucalorus Film Festival

Visions International Film Festival

Groups / Organizations / Volunteer

There Will Be Blood, Period Technologies Hackathon, 2020

HCI Design [Founder], 2016-2018

FemTech [Founder], Parsons the New School for Design, 2013-2015

The New School Presidential Advisory Board, 2014-2015