Sueños de Cuba is a video collage featuring both my footage and found footage shot on super 8 from American visitors to Cuba in the 1970s. A group of filmmakers and I traveled to Camaguey, Cuba for two weeks in 2017 to shoot an interactive documentary revolving around local artists. Upon my return to the United States, I struggled to communicate the dream-like nature of my time in Cuba. My crew and I were disconnected from the outside world due to a lack of internet and cell service. We lived with families and quickly made friends with community members. We danced in the town square, ate beautifully, laughed until crying, and saw much resilience despite desperate circumstances. I made this film as an effort to share the mood and poetry of Camaguey - the City of Artists.

Selected for :

PittsburghFilmmakers / Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Program

Hiding in Plain Sight

Sueños de cuba