Where are the women CEOs? What about the corporate workplace is so inhospitable to women? Why are women not promoted to the top tiers of corporate power? How do men and women handle female leadership? What does a CEO's life really entail?

These were the questions that I wanted to answer, and LARP (live action role play) was the medium I chose for investigating corporate culture, gender bias in the workplace, demystifying the office of CEO, female power and leadership, and LARP as a tool for empathy. 

I portrayed a mock Fortune 500 corporation, X-Corp Global Pharmaceutical, CEO and directed a 24 hour immersive live action role play. The 12th floor of 6 East 16th Street was transformed into X-Corp Global's Headquarters. The floor was busied by 20+ X-Corp employees, journalists, corporate spies, doctors, and administrators. Mergers were in the works as were moral-dilemma inducing hires and firings. The entire LARP was live-streamed via a Google Hangout titled, "Forbes-A Day in the Life of a CEO: Joselyn McDonald, X-Corp Global."