A curated collection of tech and code tutorials that I've made and posted on Instructables. 

Come Home

Can you believe that we live in an age where you can touch an object (any object - if it is conductive) and a light will turn on in your loved-one's space - even if they live in a different city, state, or country!? You could tell your loved ones or friends when you're missing them, or when dinner is ready. The world is yours! 

In the 'Come Home' Instructable we teach how to connect distant spaces via Arduino, Processing, CapSense, and Spacebrew. 

*Winner of the DIY University Instructable Award!*

Remote Flower Watering

Remote Flower Watering Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to take care of a loved one from afar? By integrating 2 Arduinos, a photosensor, a servo motor, a Processing sketch, an Arduino sketch with firmata and servo firmata, Spacebrew toolkit, water, and flowers, we allowed the participant to water the flowers of those they care about the most.



Created by Nicole Yi Messier, Joseyln Neon McDonald & LuCy Matchett
Snaxxx Tracker is a spaceBrew application that takes in vending machine data 
logs it and sends it to the Snack NSA website

Join us on an exploration of the mundanity of the average meta-data input logged by the National Security Administration. From tampon purchases to large quantities of lentil soup, the NSA knows what you're doing and when you're doing it; your snack purchases are no different. This meta-data is used to create assumptions about who you are and what motivates you. Snaxxx Tracker combines soft-circuit buttons, processing, and the web using Spacebrew in order to make commentary on this abusive and privileged accumulation of our boring human tendencies. Note, NSA - if you are reading this, we're cool right?