Metropolitan Museum of Art's Media Lab 

I'm currently interning at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Media Lab. As Media Lab interns we are asked to make innovating work that intersects the museum's 5000 years of art history with contemporary digital technologies.

I plan on taking microscopic pictures of paintings in order to see the complexities of the elemental planes of work we collectively cherish;  weaving textiles that bring backdrops in paintings into the physical world while imbedding Input/Output sensors;  and investigating feminism and emerging technologies in the collection. 


FEMET is a research project through a feminist lens on artists in the Met's permanent collection, in an effort to understand the motivations and struggles of women, artists of color, and generally those that pushed boundaries in their time respective time periods, and manifesting that understanding through digital processes and product.

In honor of Georgia O'Keefe

In honor of Artemisia Gentileschi 

Can you feel the gentle breeze blowing their scarves? 

Can you feel the gentle breeze blowing their scarves?