I make code-based art and design projects. This page has some example sketches. More can be found on my GitHub


Crystalline Highlands is an interactive installation and experience set on an other-worldly environ. The audience is asked to disengage with expected touch interaction, and use their time in the installation to consider alternative touch responses and physical connections to the natural and semi-natural elements in the room. Digitized super 8mm footage coupled with De Jong inspired mathematical attractors and sounds were altered by the movements of the participants. 

The installation was made possible by the integration of openFrameworks, Spacebrew, Processing, Arduinos, sound sensors, infrared sensors, handmade capacitive touch sensors, and networked projectors. For a full tutorial see our Instructables page. 

The installation was part of a series of interactive work shown at Come Out and Play. 

AV Synth Sketches with Radio Interface


click-through gallery 


openCV face recognition Haar cascade with database of naturally occurring crystal and geological formations as substitute. 


Black Gold // 3D Sound Responsive Mesh

BlackVoid // oF Sound Responsive 3D Mesh Sketch 



Marigold Mesh // Super 8mm Color Pull

This sketch I made using still from a super 8mm film. 


Screenshot 2014-07-08 16.39.36.png

Cloud Kite // 3D Solid State Mesh over Super 8mm

Screenshot 2014-04-27 19.45.52.png